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Pick Your Own Fields

Pick your own fields are now open at 8603 West Lake Road in Lake City, PA from 9 to 7 Monday through Saturday and 9 to 6:30 Sunday.  Now available for picking:

Roma and Canning Tomatoes: $7/half bushel or $13/bushel

Red Raspberries: $6.50/quart

Green and yellow beans: $6/eight quart basket or $18/bushel

Pickles: $7.50/eight quart basket or $14/half bushel

Grapes (fredonia, niagara, and concord): $5/eight quart basket or $7/half bushel or $13/bushel


Visit Us

Peninsula Drive Country Market
839 Peninsula Drive
Erie, PA 16505
Phone – 814-833-9933
9 to 8 Monday to Saturday
9 to 7 Sunday

Old French Road
4115 Old French Road
Erie, PA 16505
Phone – 814-864-7276
9 to 6:30 daily.

The Farm
8603 West Lake Road
Lake City, PA 16423
Phone – 814-774-8592
Fax – 814-774-9807
9 to 7 Monday to Saturday
9 to 6:30 Sunday



Pumpkintown is now open for the season at 839 Peninsula Drive.  Admission is free and you can buy a ride-a-rama for $10/child or a season pass for $30/child.  Book your birthday parties and school tours now!

Canning and Freezer Specials Going On Now!

During the growing season, we offer bulk pricing on much of our produce.  Whether you need a bushel of tomatoes, a flat of berries, or a 50 pound bag of onions, we’ve got you covered for all of your canning and freezing needs.

Mason Farms on Instagram:

  • Where are our apple cider lovers at? 🍎🍏🙋‍♀️
  • Pick your own grape season is in full swing!  Fredonia, niagara, and concord grapes are ripe and ready to be picked at the farm!  What is your favorite variety?

PYO grape prices:
$4/eight quart basket
$7/half bushel
  • Pumpkintown isn’t open yet, but you can still come say hi to the animals this weekend!
  • It’s starting to look like fall around here!
  • The view from the grape picker.  Not too shabby! Picking Delaware grapes today.  Small red grapes with up to 21% sugar, great for wine making!
  • Cutting cornstalks!
  • Apple season is here!  Honey crisp, gingergolds, zestars, and more are in stores now!  Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!  We are open 9 to 7 Saturday and Sunday and 9 to 4 Monday.
  • We are now hiring! 
Pumpkintown staff: Looking for concession stand cashiers and employees to oversee our inflatables/bounce houses. Must have evening and weekend availability. Great job for high school/college students or anyone looking to make some extra money before the holiday season.

Old French Store Manager: Looking for a dependable and qualified individual to manage our store and staff on Old French Road. Must work well with customers, handle money responsibly, and be able to work in a seasonally changing retail environment.
For more information and to download an application, please visit our website or stop into one of our retail stores to get an application.


If you know someone who you think would be a good fit, share this post or tag them in the comments!
  • It’s a great weekend to get some canning done!  Pick your own romas and canners for $13/bushel or available already picked for $21/bushel.  What’s your favorite thing to make with tomatoes? Let us know in the comments below!