During the growing season, we offer bulk pricing on much of our produce.  Whether you need a bushel of tomatoes, a flat of berries, or a 50 pound bag of onions, we’ve got you covered for all of your canning and freezing needs.  Preserve the harvest now and enjoy farm fresh produce all year long!

Please call ahead to your desired pick up location to place an order for your bulk produce, stores don’t always have these large quantities on hand.

Currently Available:

Apples: $16/half bushel

Honeycrisp Apples: $30/half bushel

Cabbage: $17.50/bag

Carrots: $20/25 pound bag

Cauliflower: $3/head

Onions (yellow): $24/50 pound bag

Onions (red): $24/25 pound bag

Onions (Vidalia): $30/40 pound bag

Onions (candy green): $15/half bushel

Onions (candy): $25/50 pound bag or $15/25 pound bag

Currently Available:


Potatoes (red): $25/50 pound bag

Potatoes (white): $20/50 pound bag

Winter Squash: $12/half bushel or $18/bushel

We also offer pick your own produce on some items.  If you would rather pick your own or are curious what is available, please visit our PYO page to see pricing and availability